The Profession system in TNR allows players to gather and create items that can benefit them in a variety of ways.

Professions in TNR are split into 2 categories : Gatherer and Crafter.

Gathering Professions Edit

Miner Edit

Miners gather various ores, and smelt them into different kinds of metal bars. They can also receive special drops depending on the type of ore they are mining, which vary in rarity. The materials they gather can be used by Armorsmiths and Weaponsmiths.

Herbalist Edit

Herbalists collect herbs, and further process them into materials which can be used by Chef Cooks, Armorsmiths, and Weaponsmiths.

Hunter Edit

Hunters hunt down animal herds on the map, and receive raw leather and animal carcasses to process. Once processed, leather can be used by Armorsmiths and Weaponsmiths, and carcasses are processed into meat for Chef Cooks.

Crafting Professions Edit

Armorsmith Edit

Armorsmiths can craft sets of armor for themselves and for others. A full set of armor consists of : Helmet, Chest, Belt, Gloves, Pants, and Shoes. Armorsmiths can also repair armor using the Item Repair interface. Weaponsmiths rely on Armorsmiths for special crafting materials to make certain items.

Weaponsmith Edit

Weaponsmiths are able to craft a wide variety of weapons for other players, as well as repair said weapons. The weapons stats vary based on the skill level of the weaponsmith, as well as their durability. Armorsmiths also rely on Weaponsmiths for specific crafting materials.

Chef Cook Edit

Chef Cooks have access to a wide variety of crafts that can be very helpful to themselves and their fellow villagers. Most crafts do one of the following : Contributes to a counter for discounted Ramen for all villagers, heals the user in-battle or out of battle, or makes the user less likely to be attacked by AI for a period of time.